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Hi! My name is Melissa. I wanted to take time to write about myself for thoughs who are interested.

I am a mother of two. My daughter, Hanna Lorraine, was born March, 20th, of 98. My son, Cas Allen, was born July, 28th, of 99. So, I am a new parent.

When I started my family I read all the books I could find. Most of the information on this site is from the books, and also from the many other parenting sites available on the web. ( which I have made links to.)

I am presently a homemaker, but I am hoping to get involed in a nursing career. That probably won't be until they are both in school, but who knows.

I currently reside in Pennsylvania, but I was raised in West Virgina.

My hobbies are reading (though I rarely get time) cooking, cross-stitching (another lost hobby, I have three unfinished projects.) and knitting. (I am almost finished with my first blanket.)

I also enjoy watching movies, shopping, and going to the lake.

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