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This Page pertains to the ages one year to three years. You will find information concerning: feeding, sleep, growth, and development.

Please note: This should only be used as a guide, for all children are different.

The Second Year


By the end of this stage your child should be able to:


By the end of this stage your child should be able to:


This is the time when you will notice a drop in how much your child eats. With all the distractions, you may have some difficulty in getting your child to come to the table.

Formula should be discontinued at this time and replaced with cow's milk. If you are concerned with how much your child is eating, you can discuss with your pediatrician the possibilities of a vitamin, or a dietary supplement.


You may have more difficulty then before getting your child to lay down at night. He/she will want to continue playing. Also this is the age children go through seperation anxiety. They do not want to be away from you. The best thing to do is be reassuring, comforting, and calm during these episodes.

~Toilet Training~

Ways to tell if your child is ready: